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Betsy Malloy

Betsy Malloy

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Betsy Malloy is a freelance travel writer, professional photographer and former San Francisco City Guides tour leader. Before moving to the San Francisco Bay area, Betsy lived in Los Angeles. She has traveled extensively California, the western United States and around the world.

When she isn't writing about California travel here, Betsy is still out and about in California. These are some of her other projects:

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Betsy has been a travel writer since 1998. Beside creating thousands of articles at About.com, her online credits include Fodors Travelwire and eztrip. Her work has also appeared in Islands, Westways and Porthole magazines and in the Christian Science Monitor, San Francisco Chronicle, Dallas Morning News, Boston Herald and other newspapers.

When she isn't traveling in California, she's often off to other parts of the world and she loves to share her experiences about those trips, too - which is how she has earned Senior Contributor status at Tripadvisor.


Betsy studied chemistry in college and worked in the semiconductor and software industries, but travel has always been her first love.

By Betsy Malloy:

I've been writing about California for so long that you might think I'd be bored with it by now, but I'm not. In fact, my "Bucket List" is still as long as my left arm and there are so many places I want to visit again, too. I want to share my love of the Golden State with you - and to give you some great tips and ideas to make your California trip the best ever.


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