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Disney California Adventure Rides Quick Reference Sheet

This guide gives a brief overview of Disney California Adventure rides and attractions.

Disney California Adventure closes various rides for periodic maintenance, and some have limited hours. Consult the Disneyland web site for the current status of each ride.

The rides and shows are organized by area. The links will take you to a detailed profile and review of each of the most popular rides.

(min height)
Buena Vista Street The only "ride" you'll find here is the red trolley, but this guide will fill you in on what you can do on Buena Vista Street
Disney Animation Learn about animation and have a little Turtle Talk with Crush
Hyperion Theater Live entertainment in a 2,000-seat theatre
Monsters Inc Mike and Sulley scramble to return Boo to her bedroom, while keeping her safe from the Child Detection Agency
MuppetVision 3D 3-D Muppet movie with Statler and Waldorf in the balcony harassing as usual
Twilight Zone Tower of Terror
40 in (102 cm)
Set in an abandoned Hollywood luxury hotel, this dark ride features 13-story drops in a (supposedly) rickety "freight elevator." FASTPASS
Ariel's Undersea Adventure Take a trip through Ariel's world on this gentle ride with lots of songs and scenes from the animated film
California Screamin'
48 in (122 cm)
It appears to be a nostalgic wooden roller coaster, but underneath it's a modern steel coaster designed to elicit screams. FASTPASS and single rider option1 available
Golden Zephyr A nostalgic Buck Rogers' rocket ship ride
Jumpin' Jellyfish
40 in (102 cm)
Sit on brightly colored jellyfish that are lifted to the top, where the jellyfish unfolds like a parachute and floats gently down
King Triton's Carousel Ocean-themed carousel with marine creatures instead of horses
Goofy's Sky School
42 in (107 cm)
It's a mad-mouse style roller coaster that doesn't go very fast but delivers a few thrills on the corners. Single rider option1 available
Silly Symphony Swings
48 in (122 cm)
This classic swing ride takes its theme from a classic cartoon
Mickey's Fun Wheel 150-foot-tall Ferris wheel is really a ride within a ride. As the gondolas are raised by the wheel, they also slide along interior curves as the wheel turns - or take a red car for a tamer ride
Toy Story Mania A bunch of old-fashioned carnival midway games with a modern twist: 3-D animation and interactive shooting
Grizzly River Run
42 in (107 cm)
A long, tall, fast, spinning white-water river rafting ride. You WILL get wet. FASTPASS and single rider option1 available
Redwood Creek Challenge Trail
42 in (107 cm)
Climb the fire lookout towers, slide down cable runs, slip through hollow redwoods, scale a rugged sideways course along a rock wall and navigate suspension bridges
Soarin' Over California
40 in (102 cm)
Suspended in the middle of an 80-foot domed screen, visitors soar over California's most scenic spots. As if the visual wonders weren't enough, you can feel the wind and smell the orange blossoms FASTPASS and single rider option1 available
Flik's Flyers Ride in "balloons" made of leaves and twigs stitched together
Francis' Ladybug Boogie Ride in a ladybug-shaped car on a figure-eight course. The most fun here is that you're always just missing a big collision
Heimlich's Chew Chew Train A gentle train, disguised as a ride on Heimlich's back
It's Tough to Be a Bug A 3-D presentation that features a bugs-eye view of the world. Features the charming insects from A Bug's Life, but is a noisy show with a brief period of complete darkness, and may frighten small children
Tuck and Roll's Drive 'Em Buggies An old-fashioned bumper car ride, but the cars look like pillbugs
Luigi's Flying Tires
32 in (81 cm)
Tire-shaped ride vehicles float on a cushion of air, colliding gently with each other - and the colorful inflatable balls scattered around them.
Mater's Junkyard Jamboree
32 in (81 cm)
Mater has hitched up some baby "cows" (tractors) to a bunch of cute little carts, which they pull in square dance-style.
Radiator Springs Racers
40 in (102 cm)
This car racing ride is a thrill and its surroundings are eye-popping. FASTPASS and single rider option1 available

1If you don't mind riding in a single available seat instead of next to your companions, go to the single rider line. This option will get you on board a lot sooner.

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