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Palm Springs Weather and Climate

What's the Palm Springs Weather Going to be Like? Find the Answer Here.

Today's Palm Springs Weather

Click for Palm Springs, California Weather Forecast

Are You Planning to Visit Palm Springs?

People who live in Palm Springs probably want to know what about the next few days, but if you're planning a vacation, you may be more concerned with the climate, finding the best time of year to visit, weather-wise or whether it's going to be hot/cold, wet/dry, sunny/cloudy during your trip.

Palm Springs Weather Averages

Month Precipitation Maximum
in cm F C F C
January 1.0 2.5 69 21 40 4
February 0.8 2.0 72 22 43 6
March 0.5 1.3 79 26 46 8
April 0.1 0.3 87 31 52 11
May 0.1 0.3 94 34 57 14
June 0.1 0.3 102 39 64 18
July 0.3 0.8 102 39 64 18
August 0.4 1.0 106 41 71 22
September 0.4 1.0 102 39 66 19
October 0.3 0.8 91 33 57 14
November 0.7 1.8 78 26 46 8
December 0.8 2.0 70 21 41 5

What You Need to Know About Weather, Climate and Your Palm Springs Vacation

Averages are helpful, but not perfect and you can't know a year ahead of time whether Tuesday of April will be sunny and dry or not. The tables below give the typical conditions at a glance.

In general, Palm Springs has a desert climate, with very hot, dry summers, pleasant winters, lots of sunshine and little rainfall. In fact, Palm Springs is sunny (on average) more than 350 days every year. Like most deserts, it cools off fast at night, with temperatures dropping 30 to 40 °F.

All the electricity-generating windmills outside of Palm Springs are an indicator of something the visitor's bureau probably won't tell you: it's windy. Because it's a desert, the air is also dry and unprepared visitors may end up running to the local store for moisturizer and eye drops.

Seasonal Considerations

Palm Springs Winters are pleasant and usually dry. When the wind starts blowing hard, it can easily reach 60+ mph. The natural result is a sandstorm, and it's usually worst at the foot of the mountains, raging right through town.

If you ask folks in town, they'll try to claim it's not a frequent occurrence, but we've encountered it during three visits in the last dozen years (all in February). If you're planning a visit, it wouldn't hurt to check the Palm Springs weather forecast before you go.

Palm Springs Summers are hotter than a proverbial firecracker. If you love to soak up the sun in a dry climate, this is the time to visit, when hotel rates are at the lowest all year.

This is the rainy season, but that doesn't mean it will rain very much in the desert. On the average, Palm Springs weather is dry; it gets less than an inch per month, but all of it might come in one day. In general, this is the most pleasant time of year to visit. Clothing in layers
Jacket or sweater for evening
In some years, winter rains extend into these months. In others it's reasonably dry. Temperatures start to heat up but are still bearable Lighter weight clothing
Layers for evening

Palm Springs weather starts to heat up, reaching 100 degrees by late May Cool clothing
Hats, sunscreen
Jacket and long pants for evening (which can be 40 degrees cooler than the day)

Scorching hot and dry Shorts for daytime
Jacket for evening, depending on where you go (downtown stays warm from radiated heat)
October Cooling to bearable (if warm) days. Possible rain. Mid-weight jacket
Short-sleeved shirts and shorts, with light weight pants, sweater for layering in evening

More About Visiting Palm Springs

Our Palm Springs weather data comes from the National Weather Service.

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