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Catalina Island Restaurant and Dining Guide


Avalon has a surprising number and variety of restaurants for such a small place. You can find a restaurant here to fit almost any budget and taste. Many Catalina restaurants have been around a long time and clearly have their following.

On busy days, you need reservations at a few of the more popular Catalina restaurants like Armstrong's and Ristorante Villa Portofino. Otherwise, just walk up and if there's a short wait, enjoy the scenery and watch the people.

Most restaurants also post their menus outside the door, and none of them are very far apart.

Best Catalina Restaurants for Breakfast

  • Antonio's Pizzeria: Reader Kimberly says: "You may not think of walking into this place for breakfast, but don't let the name stop you. Antonio's has the best breakfast in Avalon! They also make a killer Bloody Mary."
  • Pancake Cottage: It's one of the first places you'll see on your way into town from the ferry (615 Cresent Ave).
  • C. C. Gallagher: Head for the coffee bar in the back corner if all you want is a nice coffee drink and a pastry.

Best for Lunch

  • Inn on Mt. Ada: They offer a limited number of visitors a chance to have lunch on their gorgeous patio and while the price might seem high, it comes with unlimited beverages and a millionaire's view. Call at least 24 hours ahead to reserve at 800-608-7669 or 310-510-2030.
  • Bluewater Grill: If you've been to Avalon before, you may remember the Busy Bee and Armstrong's Seafood on the pier at 306 Crescent Ave. Their replacement occupies both spaces, with an open-style interior and that same great patio, all on a pier over the water. Service is good and the food is, too.
  • Buffalo Nickel: Off the beaten path at Pebbly Beach, makes a nice lunch stop after a walk along the beach.
  • Eric's on the Pier: On the green Pleasure Pier. Buffalo burgers, shakes, beer.
  • Catalina Country Club: Kathleen Gosselin of the Avalon Hotel says she likes to have lunch on their outdoor patio.
  • Von's Express is a good place to pick up something for a picnic.

Best for Dinner

  • Avalon Grille: The ambiance is nice and the bartenders very friendly. Dinners are pricey and (for our taste) feature some odd combinations like bacon risotto with braised beets, gewurztraminer and green apple
  • Bluewater Grill: The details are above under lunch places, but this spot is good for dinners, too.
  • Steve's Steakhouse: If you can snag a table near the window, it's got a great view. Make reservations to avoid a wait.
  • Ristorante Villa Portofino: Casual but elegant, serving Italian cuisine.
  • Catalina Country Club: Dining room, outdoor patio. At the Country Club, but open to public for lunch and dinner, serving California cuisine.

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