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Nude Beach Guide - California

A Guide to Visiting a California Nude Beach


To find a nude beach in a California county, click on the county name below or go to our interactive nude beach map where you can choose your nude beach by location.

Finding a California Nude Beach

To find a nude beach by name, enter its name in the search box above.

At least one nude beach or topless beach can be found in almost every county along the California coast. There are almost 50 places where nudity or topless sunbathing is allowed or tolerated. These nude beach locations include Blacks' Beach, the most popular nude beach in the country and the nation's oldest nude beach (San Gregorio, where people have been going topless since 1967).

Laws abut nudity vary by location and fines for going topless (or all the way) are stiff in some places. I have made every effort to provide accurate nude beach information, but the responsibility for knowing the law is yours.

POLL: What's the Best Nude Beach in California?

We've listed them all and you can find our readers' favorites in each county when you go to that page, but we're looking for the top nude beach in California.

Baker Beach, San Francisco
Blacks Beach, San Diego
Bonny Doon, Santa Cruz County
The Crater, Monterey County
Gaviota Beach, Santa Barbara County
Grey Whale Cove, San Mateo County
Guadalupe Dunes, San Luis Obispo County
Limantour Beach, Marin County
Pirate's Cove (Avila), San Luis Obispo County
San Onofre Beach, San Diego County
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