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Humboldt County Nude Beach Guide

Humboldt County Nude Beaches

It seems a bit far north for much serious sunbathing, but Humboldt County has a couple of beaches frequented by locals:
  • Baker's Beach: The road leading to this small beach was closed due to a washout, but it re-opened in early 2010. To get there, take the Westhaven exit off US Hwy 101, go west, then north on Scenic Drive, past Luffenholtz and park on the wide shoulder of the road.
  • College Cove: College Cove is two areas with one name. The north section, which is easier to reach, has more clothed visitors than the south. Both locations are popular with young singles and have some gawkers. To get there from the town of Eureka, take US Hwy 101 north to the turnoff for the town of Trinidad and go toward the ocean on Main Street. Where the road curves leftward, turn right onto Stage Coach Road. Go past the entrance to Trinidad State Beachand turn left where you see a small sign (that says College Cove) at the entrance to a dirt parking lot.

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