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Los Angeles County Nude Beach Guide

Several years ago, public nudity was made illegal in Los Angeles County, and there is no such thing as a legal Los Angeles County nude beach. Anyone found nude here could be cited. Punishment includes a stiff fine and court appearance. Read the Los Angeles County nudity laws.

We have heard that nude sunbathers are using sheltered coves around Malibu with no law enforcement harassment. However, laws have not changed in Los Angeles County and for many years we didn't recommend trying it. In the past few years, some readers have hinted that they're finding some discreet places (22% of those who responded to our poll below say they have), but apparently no one's talking. If you know of one, you can share it with like-minded visitors (anonymously).

El Matador, Smuggler's Cove and Pirate's Cove are sometimes listed in Los Angeles County nude beach lists, but nude sunbathers no longer frequent these beaches.

If you are interested in nudist recreation in the Los Angeles area, try these options:

What Are You Going To Do?

POLL: Los Angeles & Orange County residents, where do you go for nude recreation?

I go to San Diego County
I go to Santa Barbara County
I go to a nudist resort
I go to local beaches anyway, where police don't come

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