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Marin County Nude Beach Guide

Marin County Nude Beaches

Other beaches are sometimes mentioned for nude sunbathing in Marin County, but they all have drawbacks that keep them off our recommended list. Muir Beach and Bolinas Beach are subject to nudity laws and enforcement. Cross Rock is underwater most of the year and McClures is foggy and windy most of the time. Other beaches in the Point Reyes National Seashore and Marin Headlands (Black Sand, Kirby Cove, Bonita) attract too many clothed visitors, are prone to get cut off at high tide or only accessible via extremely long hikes or dangerous, eroded trails.

If you prefer, click the Marin County nude beach names on the map below to get more information.

This is an interactive map. Click on the beach name to get more information about it. Beaches marked with pushpin symbols are used for nude sunbathing.

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Some of these beaches are located in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, which has different regulations.

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Red Rock

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