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Santa Cruz County Nude Beach Guide

Santa Cruz County Nude Beaches

In Santa Cruz County, the land often meets the shore abruptly, with rocky cliffs overlooking the water. Occasionally the land yields and a sandy cove is formed. Most of the beaches in the county are in the coves, often protected from view by the surrounding cliffs.

Sadly, Red White and Blue Beach, a long-time favorite of Santa Cruz area nudists closed in May, 2007 and there are no plans to re-open it. See our page about it, where people still enjoy reminiscing about their experiences. The next-best alternative may be the beach locally called Privates Beach, but an entrance key come with a high price tag which keeps us from recommending it.

A few nude sunbathers frequent the Santa Cruz County nude beaches in town (Four Mile, Natural Bridges, 222, It's) or south of Santa Cruz (Cowell, La Selva, Rio del Mar, Manresa) but use is light and sporadic.

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Bonny Doon
Laguna Creek
Scott Creek
Panther/Hole in the Wall

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I have been unable to locate any information about nudity laws in Santa Cruz County.

This is an interactive map. Click on the beach icons to get more information about them. Beaches with the pushpin icons are nude beaches

Santa Cruz County Nude Beach Map

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