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San Mateo County Nude Beach Guide

San Mateo County Nude Beaches

Nude beaches in San Mateo County are few but popular.

You may occasionally find out-of-date resources that say Montara State Beach and Pomponio State Beach are nude beaches, but they are NOT RECOMMENDED. Montara has too many clothed families on it (and rangers can cite you for nudity there) and Pomponio is hard and dangerous to get to.

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Grey Whale Cove
San Gregorio

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If you prefer, click on the beach name on the map below to get more information about it. Before you go, read the county nudity laws. Some San Mateo County nude beach locations are in state parks, which have different regulations.

This is an interactive map. Click on the beach icons to get more information about them. Beaches with the pushpin icons are nude beaches

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