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Miller Coors Brewery

Visitor Information for Coors Brewery


  • Cost: Free
  • Location: Golden, CO, 20 minutes' drive from downtown Denver. Driving directions below.
  • How Long: Allow about 90 minutes for the tour and tasting
  • Best Time to Visit: Any time, but they fill up fast during the summer

Coors Brewery

The Coors Brewery in Golden is the world's largest single brewery. Established by Adolph Coors in 1873, Coors was the third-largest brewing company, with brands that included Coors, Coors Light, Killians Red, Zima and Keystone. They have now been bought by Miller's and are called Miller Coors, but they still offer tours in the Golden facility.

The Coors Brewery 30-minute self-paced tour, offered continuously, includes an overview of the beer-making process. If you're over 21, and have an ID to prove it, you can sample their products in the hospitality bar, where soft drinks are provided for under-age or non-drinking visitors. Coors souvenir merchandise is available in the gift shop.

Spanish, German, French and Japanese tour scripts are available on request.

Before you leave the parking lot:

  • Leave backpacks, packages and large bags in the car. they are not permitted on the tour of Coors Brewery, but baby essentials (bottles, diapers, wipes) are allowed.
  • Bring your ID if you want to sample the beer.
  • Bring along an adult. If you're under 18, you can't get into Coors Brewery without one.

Getting to Coors Brewery

Miller Coors Brewery
Visitor parking: 13th and Ford Streets
Golden CO
Coors Brewery website

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