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Museum of King Tutankhamun

Tomb and Museum at Luxor Las Vegas


Tomb and Museum of King Tutankhamun
3900 South Las Vegas Boulevard
Las Vegas, NV
(702) 262-4555
  • Hours: Open daily. Later hours on Saturdays.
  • Reservations: Not required.
  • Cost: Admission charged.
  • Location: In the Luxor Las Vegas, on the attractions level in the middle of the pyramid, one level above the casino floor.
  • How Long: Allow about half an hour to see the brief film and tour the exhibit.
  • Best Time to Visit: Any time.

Tomb and Museum of King Tutankhamun Review

When archaeologist Howard Carter first peered into King Tutankhamun's tomb in 1922, he reported that he saw "wonderful things." The Luxor has recreated the sight that prompted Carter's exuberance, the tomb and its contents exactly as he first saw them. It's the only full-scale reproduction outside of Egypt, with all the objects recreated in Egypt using ancient methods and materials.

The exhibit starts with a short film describing Carter's discovery. Visitors can then walk through the four recreated rooms at their own pace.

  • The Antechamber, containing three wood and gold beds, cared in animal shapes, two life-sized statues of the kindg, chariots, and a golden throne.
  • The Burial Chamber, centering around the king's golden coffin.
  • The Treasury, containing miniature wooden boats to carry the kind through the afterworld, a golden canopic shrine and a sculpture of jackal-headed god Anubis.
  • The Annex, holding travel beds and other furniture.
Although I have enjoyed Egyptian exhibits at other museums, this exhibit did not appeal to me. While the reproduction is beautiful and the Luxor claims to have taken great pains to make it authentic, the setting, with halogen lights shining down from a black ceiling and glass windows around the rooms makes it seem artificial. The admission fee also seemed too expensive for the short time I spent there.

On the same level, other Luxor attractions include an IMAX theatre, a motion-based simulator ride "In Search of the Obelisk," and an arcade area.

Getting to the Luxor

The Luxor is located near the south end of Las Vegas Boulevard (the Strip), between the Excalibur and Mandalay Bay. From the intersection of Tropicana Boulevard and Las Vegas Boulevard (in front of the Excalibur), you can take a tram to the Luxor.

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