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Los Angeles Visitor Guides

Los Angeles Visitor Information


Get Acquainted

Before you plan your trip, spend some time getting familiar with Los Angeles. Knowing a little about it before you go will make your trip more enjoyable.

Where to Stay, Getting There

People ask most often about where to stay. The tips below will help you save money on lodging and choose the hotel that's best for you.
  • How to Find a Hotel - Step by Step: We know you're busy, so our strategies start with a quick way to get a reasonable rate. The more time you take, the less money you'll spend, or you can get nicer hotels for a fixed budget.

  • Hotel Finder: For your convenience, sorted by area.

  • More Hotel Lists: Whether you're looking for a romantic spot, an all-suites hotel, a place on the beach or the best spot in town, you'll find it here.

Los Angeles Sights

There's enough to do to keep you busy for days, if not weeks. The trick is to decide what interests you the most. Our guides can help you decide.
  • Top Sights: A guide to the 10 most popular sights and attractions in the Los Angeles area, and the best of the rest.

  • Things to Do for Free: Free tours, free museum admissions and free performances can help keep you busy while keeping your wallet full.

  • Los Angeles Activities: Our activity guide outlines all the things you can do here, including shopping, sightseeing, spectator sports, museums, theme parks, performing arts and outdoor recreation.

Los Angeles Day Trips

Use the day trip guide to find places where fish fly, discover one of the best beaches in the U.S. or take a trip across the tracks to a town that's flash-frozen in time.

Weekend Getaways in Los Angeles

  • Beach Getaway Weekend: A three-day weekend in the "South Bay," one of my favorite things to do.

  • Culture Lover's Weekend: The arts, museums, great theater and more for your inner "culture vulture."

  • Downtown Los Angeles Weekend Getaway: Read about things to do downtown and find out how to plan a weekend getaway in a jiffy

  • Hollywood Weekend: As much as some of us try to downplay it, we're all a bit starstruck, and a weekend in Hollywood is a good way to indulge our interest.

  • Long Beach: It's sometimes overlooked, but offers a great base for families and anyone looking for a new place to explore.

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