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Los Angeles Weather and Climate

What's the Los Angeles Weather Going to be Like? Find the Answer Here.

Today's Los Angeles Weather

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LA Weather for Locals

People who live in Los Angeles are probably interested in what the weather will be like for the next few days. If you want something to do to take advantage of the weather (or in spite of it), these resources will help:

LA Weather for Visitors

If you're planning a vacation, you may be more concerned with the climate, finding the best time of year to visit, weather-wise or whether it's going to be hot/cold, wet/dry, sunny/cloudy during your trip. Click on any month in the table below to get more detailed information about what to expect from Los Angeles weather, what to wear, what to pack - and use these resources to help plan your visit:

Los Angeles Climate: Average Weather

Month Rain


January 3.06 67 49 72%
February 3.27 68 50 69%
March 2.52 69 51 72%
April 1.16 71 54 73%
May 0.25 73 57 75%
June 0.08 77 60 80%
July 0.01 82 63 96%
August 0.07 84 64 96%
September 0.28 82 63 89%
October 0.38 78 59 82%
November 1.38 73 54 80%
December 2.35 68 50 74%

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What You Need to Know About Weather, Climate and Your LA Vacation

You already know that averages aren't perfect predictors, but they can give you an idea. The tables below give the typical conditions at a glance.

In general, Los Angeles has a Mediterranean climate, with dry summers, rainy winters and modest temperature variations from winter to summer.

Los Angeles is a big place, area-wise, covering almost 500 square miles. It's a mostly flat city ringed by mountains. The temperatures shown here were measured in downtown. The daytime temperature at the beach will be 2-7 degrees cooler, with the biggest differences in July and August.

Any time of year and in any part of town, take a tip from this former resident who took a couple of years to figure it out: Los Angeles weather is almost always cool in the evening, especially near the ocean - and it's best to have an extra layer along just in case.

Seasonal Considerations

Los Angeles Winters are our readers' favorite time to visit, according to a poll we ran. Temperatures are moderate and it's generally the wettest time of year, but rain seems to be a boom or bust phenomenon, either a little or a lot. Some years Santa Ana winds reverse the normal inland flow of air, blowing across the desert toward the ocean and causing periods of hot, dry winter weather. They can also be quite strong, up to 50 miles per hour - or even higher in the mountains.

Los Angeles Summers are hot, but what many visitors don't know is that low clouds and fog plague the beach areas so frequently that the locals have a name for it: June Gloom. It's a California coastal weather pattern that occurs when a blanket of marine fog is pulled in by air rising over hotter interior areas and hovers over the coast, sometimes all day long. It can start early (when it's called May Gray) and if it's till around by July, everyone starts wondering why.

About LA Smog: LA's reputation for smog started in the 1970s when the city truly had some of the world's worst air. Nowadays, Los Angeles air is the best it's had in 20 years. That's not to say that LA skies are always clear as a bell. Some days, a heavy haze covers much of the city. Some of this is natural - the LA basin has been that way since before industrialization. If smog bothers you (burning nose, itchy throat), head for the beach. No matter what the conditions, the air is always better there.

What to Bring on a Los Angeles Vacation

  • Most California businesses follow a "business casual" policy, and some tend toward shorts and tennies with no socks. Ask your business contacts about standards at their company.
  • Los Angeles is, however, the home of Hollywood and image conscious people. If you want to blend in at the trendiest restaurants, bring your trendiest clothes and if plan to go to the theater or eat at a very exclusive restaurant, bring dress clothes.
  • In winter, bring an umbrella and light rain coat.
Los Angeles by Month

Los Angeles Weather and Climate (Metric Units)

Month Rain


January 7.8 19 9 72%
February 8.3 20 10 69%
March 6.4 21 11 72%
April 2.9 22 12 73%
May 0.6 23 14 75%
June 0.2 25 16 80%
July 0.0 28 17 96%
August 0.2 29 18 96%
September 0.7 28 17 89%
October 1.0 26 15 82%
November 3.5 23 12 80%
December 6.0 20 10 74%

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