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San Diego Attractions - Off the Beaten Track

The Best of the Rest San Diego Attractions


San Diego Attractions - Off the Beaten Track

Looff Carousel at Seaport Village

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If you're a contrarian vacationer who wants to avoid popular San Diego attractions in favor of something unusual, or if you've been to San Diego before and you're looking for something different, try some of these San Diego attractions.

If you want to know where they all are, use this handy map.

  • Mission Bay: San Diego has some of the nicest public parks in the state, and this one is the best of the bunch.

  • Maritime Museum: An impressive slice of maritime history that includes the Star of India, the world's oldest active ship and a current-generation America's Cup yacht.

  • Old Town: Mexican restaurants and historic tours in the city's oldest neighborhood.

  • Whaley House: Said to be the most haunted place in America, it's a must-see for fans of the paranormal.

  • Seaport Village: Shopping, restaurants and an antique carousel

  • Gaslamp Quarter: San Diego's Historic center, it's full of restaurants and shops, and history, too. Best at night.

  • Belmont Park: One of California's few surviving seaside amusement parks

Seasonal Things to Do

  • Whale Watching: December through March is migration season along the San Diego coast, when mother gray whales and their babies travel north to their feeding grounds. Daily trips take you out to watch.

  • Carlsbad Flower Fields: Thousands of colorful acres, in bloom every March.

  • Horse Racing at Del Mar: One of the trendiest and busiest race tracks in the country - and there's a lot to do there even if you don't care for the sport.

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Mission Bay
Maritime Museum
Old Town
Whaley House
Seaport Village
Gaslamp Quarter
Belmont Park
Whale Watching
Carlsbad Flower Fields
Horse Racing at Del Mar

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