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California in March

Events and Activities for the Month of March


  • Blossom Trail, Fresno: A flurry of white and pink blossoms precedes the annual fruit crop

  • Camp Schramsberg, Napa: Participants in this food-and-wine "camp" prune vines and find out why it's important for the harvest, learn about food and wine pairing and take part in sparkling wine blending.

  • Cinequest Film Festival, San Jose: One of the best film fests in the state, with lots of world premieres and celebrity guests - begins in February, but usually runs into early March.

  • Poppies in bloom, Antelope Valley: In a good season, this extravagant display of orange-colored flowers is not to be missed.

  • Saint Patrick's Day Parade, San Diego: They're not the only people in California celebrating, but their parade is one of the liveliest.

  • Swallows Return, Mission San Juan Capistrano: We don't know how they do it, but they do.

  • Whale Watching in March: This is a good time to see gray whales off the California coast.

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