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California in November

Events and Activities for the Month of November


November seems to be California's quietest month. Maybe we're all in a food coma from all that turkey...

  • Sky Show: November is the time for one of the year's showiest meteor showers, the Leonids, which happen mid-month. Find the exact date here. The best places to see them are far away from city lights and where there are few trees: Benton Hot Springs, Joshua Tree or Lake Shasta

  • Mavericks Invitational: This surfing competition can happen any time between November and March, as soon as the waves are big enough. This guide has all the details and information about how to find out when it's happening.

  • Christmas Parade, Hollywood: The stars come out for this annual parade, usually held Thanksgiving Weekend.

  • Vintner's Holidays, Yosemite: A great opportunity to meet winemakers, enjoy their wines and sample some fine cuisine - and the setting couldn't be prettier

  • New Olive Oil: November is olive harvest season and the only time of year you can get "olio nuovo" (new olive oil). It's fresh, unfiltered, right out of the mill, wonderfully pungent, cloudy with unsettled particles, intensely green - and peppery Bagging a bottle of this rare oil while it's fresh is a good excuse for a day trip or weekend getaway. Try one of these places, which have it and also offer tastings and tours: Kiler Ridge in Paso Robles, Round Pond Estate in Napa Valley or Da Vero in Sonoma.

  • Whale Watching in November: Gray whales continue south and you may see fin whales. too.

We've also got some great ideas for things to do during the Thanksgiving holidays - some of them can't be done any other time of year.

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