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Yellowstone National Park - Getting There

Ways to Get to Yellowstone National Park


Yellowstone National Park is located in the northwest corner of Wyoming. In summer, all five entrances are open:
  • North: From Livingston and Gardiner, MT, via US 89.
  • West: From West Yellowstone, MT, via US 20 or US 191.
  • South: From Jackson, WY, via US 26, US 89/287/191.
  • East: From Cody, WY, via US 14/16/20.
  • Northeast: From Billings, MT, and Red Lodge via I 94, US 212.
The north entrance of Yellowstone National Park is the only one open year round. Interior roads close to wheeled vehicles on the Monday after first Sunday of November, and re-open to tracked, over-the-snow vehicles mid-December through mid-March. The road from Gardiner to Cooke City is open to automobiles all winter, but you have to drive back to get out. Entrances re-open to wheeled traffic in the spring.

Choose your entrance based on airfare costs, other vacation plans (such as visiting Grand Teton National Park or Glacier National Park), and where you plan to stay.

Any Yellowstone National Park vacation will involve driving, whether you do it yourself or take a commercial tour, as no trains go into the park. You can reach the park by flying to one of the nearest cities and renting a car or taking a bus tour, or drive from your home or other vacation location.

Getting to Yellowstone National Park by Air

Commercial airlines fly to these nearby cities:
  • Billings, MT (129 miles to northeast entrance)
  • Bozeman, MT (87 miles to north entrance)
  • West Yellowstone, MT (3 miles to west entrance, flights in summer only)
  • Jackson, WY (56 miles to south entrance)
  • Cody, WY (52 miles to east entrance)
Car rental is available at each airport. If you are visiting Yellowstone National Park in summer, consider renting a convertible for better views.

Getting to Yellowstone National Park by Car

Driving distances from some major western cities to the nearest Yellowstone National Park entrance:
  • Cheyenne, WY - 462 miles
  • Denver, CO - 563 miles
  • Las Vegas, NV - 809 miles
  • Salt Lake City, UT - 390 miles
  • Seattle, WA - 800 miles

Getting to Yellowstone National Park by Bus

Commercial bus lines are the least practical and convenient option for getting to Yellowstone, but they do run from Bozeman, MT to West Yellowstone, MT year round, and from Bozeman to Gardiner, MT and from Cody and Jackson, WY in the summer.

Yellowstone National Park on Two Wheels

Bicycling Yellowstone National Park is not a good idea. There are few bike paths and no bicycle lanes on narrow, winding roads. Bicycles are prohibited on all backcountry trails.

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