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California Architecture - California Travel - About.com
A guide to California architecture sights and information for visiting them.
Top Architectural Sights in Los Angeles and Southern California
See what America's favorite architecture is in southern California.
Top Architectural Sights in San Francisco and Northern California
See what America's architecture is in Northern California.
Architecture in California - California Architecture
California and the long Pacific coast of the United States is a territory of changing landscapes and wild diversity in architectural styles. In these links and ...
Los Angeles Architecture - Architecture in Los Angeles California
Explore the wacky and inspiring architecture of Los Angeles, California, including Hollywood movie star homes, Googie architecture, trend-breaking modernist ...
Architecture in Palm Springs, California - About.com
Architects in Palm Springs, California adapted European Bauhaus ideas to the local desert landscape of southern California. They created mid-century modern.
Hollywood, California Architecture and Ambiance Tour - Los Angeles
An architectural tour of Hollywood in Los Angeles, CA.
Bungalow Architecture - About.com
Two California architects, Charles Sumner Greene and Henry Mather Greene, are often credited with inspiring America to build Bungalows. Their most famous ...
California Bungalow - Architecture - About.com
The Bungalows that evolved in California set the standard for bungaloid architecture across the USA. Learn about the California Bungalow house style.
Bernard Maybeck - Bernard Maybeck California Architect - Architecture
Bernard Maybeck was a California architect whose eclectic style shows many different influences.
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