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Places to Visit on AZ Route 66

The Museum Club, Meteor City, Angel's Barbershop, The Route 66 Place, and beautiful State Parks are but a few places to visit as you cruise along Route 66 in Arizona.

Route 66 in Williams, Arizona
Today, all of downtown Williams is on the National Register of Historic Places, and its largely-unchanged main street evokes images of the legendary route.

Arizona Guide to Route 66
"The best preserved section in the Southwest is in Arizona", states this site as it breaks down the trip across Arizona into two sections.

Angel's Barbershop/Gift Shop
Not just a gift shop and museum in Seligman, AZ, but a fascinating piece of history of a town and the "Guardian Angel" of Route 66.

Grand Canyon Caverns
These interesting caves and tunnels can be found on Route 66 between Seligman and Kingman.

Jack Rabbit Trading Post
Found between Holbrook and Winslow, AZ, offering authentic Indian arts and crafts, Route 66 souvenirs, and a 12 ft tall jack rabbit!

Meteor City
Not really a city, but it is a "Route 66 icon" to visit. Take exit 239 off I-40 and it's hard to miss.

The Museum Club - Route 66
Said to be haunted, this historic Route 66 roadhouse is now a hot spot in Flagstaff for hosting high caliber country bands.

The Route 66 Place
A fun site from Williams, AZ featuring a visit to a 50's Soda Fountain where you can order a Route 66 Beer Float and also a visit to a super Mother Road gift shop.

Bellemont, AZ
Bellemont is just to the west of Flagstaff, and claims to be the highest town on Route 66, though Flagstaff also lays claim to that fact. Bellemont was a known water stop on Route 66, due to local springs. Other small towns on Route 66 are also summarized at this Web site.

Hackberry, AZ
A mine discovered in 1874 in Mojave County, started this town. Today it is considered a ghost town with just a few residents.

Holbrook, AZ
Once called the "town too tough for women and churches", this town founded in 1881 sits on the banks of the Little Colorado River close to Petrified Forest National Park.

Kingman, AZ
Founded in 1880 and called the "Heart of Historic Route 66", it is situated in the scenic Hualapai Valley.

Oatman, AZ
Considered to be a mining ghost town by many, others enjoy it for its authentic old western feel.

Seligman, AZ
Step back in time with a visit to the town called "the most moved town in the West", since Seligman is no longer on its original location.

Two Guns
About 30 miles east of Flagstaff, this town that was active during Route 66's prime time, is now considered a ghost town. See photos of what you'll find there now.

Winslow, AZ
The town very famous for the song "Take It Easy", but be sure not to miss Winslow Municipal Airport, which was designed by Charles Lindbergh and built by Howard Hughes.

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