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California Beaches

Resources about California beaches. Links to the hundreds of public California beaches, including private California beaches and nude ones. You'll also find reports about the water quality at California beaches and photos of California beaches, as well as the best guidebooks to California beaches.
  1. Humboldt/Del Norte Counties
  2. Los Angeles Beaches
  3. Marin County Beaches
  4. Monterey County Beaches
  5. Orange County Beaches
  6. San Diego Beaches
  7. San Francisco Beaches
  8. Santa Barbara Beaches
  9. Santa Cruz Beaches
  10. Ventura and Oxnard Beaches
  11. Mendocino County Beaches (1)
  12. San Luis Obispo County (5)
  13. San Mateo County Beaches (2)
  14. Sonoma County Beaches (1)

Best California Beaches
Use this guide to the best California beaches to find the right beach for you - a place to take the kids, go surfing, go for a walk, play volleyball, watch birds or amuse yourself

California Beach Pictures
Photos of beaches from Mendocino to San Diego. You'll find bowling-ball-sized boulders, beaches made of glass, purple sand and even a guitarfish.

6 Most Unusual California Beaches
There's a lot more to California beaches than the ubiquitous volleyball games, beach bonfires and surfers. This bunch of beaches all offer something unusual for you to see.

California's Best Beach Towns
Find out what people think is California's best beach town - or vote for your favorite

California Beach Getaways
If you want to get away for a few days and the beach is calling, these are some of the best places to go.

Top Places for California Beach Vacations
California has so many miles of shoreline you'd think Californians would be dizzy trying to figure out where to go, but in fact, much of the coast is rocky, lined with precipitous cliffs or in the middle of a city. These places are the best spots in the state for an oceanside vacation.

California Beach Hotels
When we say beach hotels, we don't mean you can see a little sand if you stick your head out the window. These places are all right. on. the. beach.

California Ocean View Restaurants
Great California places to pine, With an honest-to-goodness ocean view, not just a glimpse of it from the corner table.

California Beaches: Nudist Guide
California nude beaches directory. Organized by county, with information about individual beaches, including visitor reviews and detailed directions to get there.

What Part of California Has the Best Beaches?
It's a poll. Tell us what area has the best beaches? San Diego | Orange County | Los Angeles | Santa Barbara | Monterey and Carmel | Santa Cruz | San Mateo County | San Francisco | Marin County | Mendocino

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