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California's Best Beach Towns


We asked our readers and they rated these California beach town the best in the state:
  1. San Diego: We'd call it a city, not a town, but they do have some great beaches - and the warmest water, too.
  2. Malibu: Probably the richest beach town on the list, with some great beaches and lots of luxury homes to gawk at.
  3. Pismo Beach: Some people call Pismo the quintessential California beach town, so cute it could make you swoon
  4. La Jolla:
  5. Santa Barbara: A south-facing coastline gives Santa Barbara its "banana belt" climate and the red-tile-roofed architecture lends a Mediterranean feel.
  6. Santa Cruz: With one of the few remaining seaside amusement parks in California and a nickname of "Surf City," it's got plenty to brag about in the beach town department.

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