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Harbin Hot Springs


Contact Information:

Harbin Hot Springs
18424 Harbin Springs Rd
Middletown, CA
707-987-2477, 800-622-2477

Nearest Cities:

Sacramento and San Francisco

Getting Into Harbin Hot Springs:

At least one member of each party must carry a membership card. You can get one-month trial memberships. 24-hour day passes cover use of facilities and camping, or get a 6-hour pass if you're not staying overnight.


Tent cabins (bring your own bedding and towels)
Rooms and cottages with half or full baths
Rooms in the unique "domes" structures

Outdoor Recreation:

Soaking pools fed by natural hot springs, swimming pool

Clubhouse, Dining:

Restaurant on premises


Massages and other treatments available at reasonable prices. Daily yoga classes and morning meditation. They also have a range of workshops and classes.

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