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Red Rock Nude Beach


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Red Rock Nude Beach
Red Rock Nude Beach

Red Rock Beach

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A very popular nude beach. In fact, it may the most popular nude beach north of San Francisco. Get there early on warm summer days.


North of San Francisco on CA Hwy 1 between Stinson Beach and Muir Beach. Get a map and directions.


About a quarter mile long with rocky sides, smaller at high tide

Who's at Red Rock Beach

Often crowded, but known as one of the friendliest Bay Area nude beaches
Families, tourists, some gawkers
Very social and almost everyone is nude

Red Rock Beach Facilities

None. Nearest restrooms are at Stinson Beach

Red Rock Beach Activities

Frisbee games are very popular. So is sunbathing. Swimming is not recommended

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Nudity Laws and Red Rock Beach

Laws regarding nudity at the naturist beach vary by location and fines are stiff in some places. Take a look at the Marin County nudity laws. I have made every effort to provide accurate information, but the responsibility for knowing the current law at Red Rock Beach is yours.

Nude or naturist beach neophytes, please be respectful of others and read the Nude Beach and Topless Beach Etiquette guidelines before you go to a nude beach.

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