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Bonny Doon Beach


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Bonny Doon Nude Beach
Bonny Doon Beach

Path to Bonny Doon Beach

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Bonny Doon Beach is a peaceful beach, site of a popular annual nude event held on New Year's Day. This beach was sold in 2001 and now belongs to the State of California. The State Parks Department took control of it in 2006, but they don't yet list it as a state park. We have seen an unconfirmed report that park rangers started citing nude sunbathers at Bonny Doon in September, 2010.

You may be taking your clothes off when you get there, but wear good shoes to protect your feet from broken glass that litters the trail on the way down.


Santa Cruz County, north of the town of Santa Cruz. Get a map and directions.


  • Peaceful clean beach
  • Sunny, sandy
  • Dogs allowed, and you may see a migrating whale
  • This part of the coast is often foggy (and cold) all day
  • After-hours assaults have become too common here. Get out before dark.
  • Burglaries from parked cars are also a problem. Don't leave anything valuable inside.

Who's at Bonny Doon Beach

  • Mostly nude
  • More women than at other area beaches
  • Friendly crowd
  • Gawkers

Bonny Doon Beach Facilities

None, except for a nice, paved parking lot

Bonny Doon Beach Activities

Swimming is not advised because of undertow

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Nudity Laws and Bonny Doon Beach

Laws regarding nudity at the naturist beach vary by location and fines are stiff in some places. I have made every effort to provide accurate information, but the responsibility for knowing the law at Bonny Doon Beach is yours.

Nude or naturist beach neophytes, please be respectful of others and read the Nude Beach and Topless Beach Etiquette guidelines before you go to a nude beach and check the nudity laws too.

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