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Laguna Creek Beach


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Getting to Laguna Creek Beach
Laguna Creek Beach

Santa Cruz County Nude Beaches - Laguna Creek Beach Location

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Driving Directions

On CA Hwy 1 at approximately mile 26.0. You can find it by watching the mileage markers if you know how. Find out how to interpret a California milepost marker.

Look for the telephone call box SZ-1-262


Park in the dirt lot on the inland side of CA Hwy 1 or on Laguna Road next to the lot. Broken glass in the parking lot is a tell-tale sign of previous break-ins. Take your valuables with you or leave them home.

Walking from Parking Lot to the Beach

On the west (ocean) side of the highway, follow a narrow entrance through the bushes that leads to an easy wide path that goes to the left. See the photos on the next pages so you'll know what it looks like.

A little poison oak grows along the path and if you're allergic, it can cause a rash even when the stems are bare.

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