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Panther Beach


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Panther Panther and Hole in the Wall Nude Beaches
Panther Beach

Panther Beach View

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No matter what else people have to say about these twin beaches, their natural beauty is spectacular, with high rock towers and a rocky cliff. Some sources lists them as two separate beaches, but in fact, they're both in the same place, once separated from by a rock wall with (guess what!) a hole in it. Although the arch over the wall has now collapsed, Hole in the Wall Beach is still accessible, but only at low tide by going north from Panther Beach.

The photo above shows the rock wall that separates the beaches. You'll find pictures of both beach areas at the end of this guide.


Santa Cruz County, north of the town of Santa Cruz Get a map and directions


  • These beaches are often quite sunny
  • Rock towers, a wall of rocks, caves
  • About 100 yards long and 70 yards wide
  • Nice sand

Who's at Panther and Hole in the Wall Beach

A few people, about half of them nude

Panther and Hole in the Wall Beach Facilities


Panther and Hole in the Wall Beach Activities

Sunbathing, rock climbing. Swimming not advised because of riptides.

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Nudity Laws: Panther and Hole in the Wall Beach

Laws regarding nudity vary by location and fines are stiff in some places. We have not been able to find a link to Santa Cruz County nudity laws and the responsibility for knowing the law at Panther and Hole in the Wall beaches is yours.

Nude or naturist beach neophytes, please be respectful of others and read the Nude Beach and Topless Beach Etiquette guidelines before you go to a nude beach.

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