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Blacks Beach


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Getting to Blacks Beach
Blacks Beach

Blacks Beach Location

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If you want an interactive version of the map or need driving directions, use our San Diego Beach map at Google.

Driving Directions

If you have a GPS, you can set it for 2800 Torrey Pines Scenic Drive, which is the gliderport's address.

  • From I-5 exit westbound onto Genessee Avenue
  • Go west 0.8 miles to North Torrey Pines Rd
  • Turn left
  • Drive 0.2 miles to Torrey Pines Scenic Road
  • Turn right and go to the Torrey Pines Gliderport at the end of the road


"You can park anywhere in the dirt lot but it closes at sunset" according to Paul.

Dick recommends: "Be real paranoid about your valuables - see the monthly police report for the Torrey Pines neighborhood. Hide your stuff before you get to the parking lot!" Or - even better - get it out of the car and leave it at home.

Walking from Parking Lot to the Beach

Facing the ocean, you'll see trail at the left end of the parking area. On the next page, you'll see a photo of all the cautions posted, but they don't keep people from using the path regularly. We'd suggest walking with caution - and wear shoes with gripping soles to give you better traction.

Another Way to Get to Blacks Beach

The walk to the beach from this spot is longer (20 minutes) walk, but safer. Instead of turning onto Torrey Pines Scenic Road, continue on North Torrey Pines Road to La Jolla Shores Drive and turn right. Immediately turn right again onto La Jolla Farms Road. Where it intersects Blackgold Road (which comes from the right), you'll see a paved path going to the left. This spot has some street parking with a two-hour limit.

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