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Los Angeles to San Francisco on Highway One

Traveling between San Francisco and Los Angeles on Coastal Highway One


This route runs between San Luis Obispo and San Francisco. It follows CA Hwy 1 along the coast. Next Going North: What's Between San Luis Obispo and Hearst Castle | Next Going South: San Luis Obispo
Los Angeles to San Francisco on Highway One

Traveling Between San Francisco and Los Angeles on California Highway One

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Distance: 270 miles (San Luis Obispo to San Francisco)
Driving Time: All day or longer. Average speed: 30 to 40 miles per hour

Between Los Angeles and San Luis Obispo, California Hwy 1 merges with US 101 or becomes an uninteresting side road. This trip planner describes the drive from San Luis Obispo through Big Sur to San Francisco, the most popular part of California Highway 1.

The following pages break the scenic drive into sections, with major stops and what you can see between them. They're all rated according to their general appeal.

Starting from San Francisco: Discover options for getting out of San Francisco and follow the links going south.

Starting from Los Angeles: To get to San Luis Obispo, take US Hwy 101 north from Los Angeles. From downtown LA, it's 190 miles or about a 3-hour drive in cooperative traffic.

Starting from San Luis Obispo Going North: Just click Next above.

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