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San Francisco

San Francisco from Alamo Square

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Getting Into or Out of San Francisco

Options abound for getting in and out of San Francisco, and the one you use depends on exactly where you're going. You may need a good map to figure it out.

Highway One runs between the town of Pacifica (on the coast south of San Francisco) to the Golden Gate Bridge, where it merges with US 101 north for several miles before splitting off to continue along the ocean.

In San Francisco, Highway One is 19th Street. It's a busy and mostly uninteresting route, with lots of stop lights and heavy traffic.

Instead of following 19th Street, sitting bored and frustrated in the traffic, try this:

Going north into San Francisco: Turn right onto Sharp Park Road shortly before you reach Pacifica, going up the hill to connect with CA Hwy 35 north. Turn left (north) when you reach Hwy 35 (Skyline Drive). Turn left onto Great Highway, traveling north past Ocean Beach and the Cliff House. The road curves there and becomes Geary Blvd., which will take you straight into Union Square and the middle of San Francisco.

A faster but less scenic way to get to the same area is to stay on Hwy 1 north through Pacifica until it merges with I-280 north, then stay on I-280 to get to the city.

Continuing north without stopping San Francisco: Use the directions above. Follow Geary, turn left on 25th Avenue and right when you reach Lincoln Blvd. Shortly after you see the Golden Gate Bridge on the left, you'll go under small bridge. Turn left immediately after that and you can get onto the bridge from there.

Going south out of San Francisco: Leave San Francisco going west on Geary Blvd. to the Cliff House. The road curves south along Ocean Beach, where the street name becomes Great Highway. When you reach CA Hwy 35 (Skyline Drive), turn right (south) and stay on Skyline, ignoring the highway signs for Hwy 1. Continue south to Sharp Park Road (near the San Francisco city limits, where the signs point toward Pacifica), turn right and go down the hill, following the signs for Half Moon Bay. You will connect with Hwy 1 just south of the town of Pacifica.

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