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Furnace Creek

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Furnace Creek

Furnace Creek Inn

©2011 Betsy Malloy Photography. Used by Permission.
Furnace Creek Resort is at the center of Death Valley's earliest tourist days, and still has the most to see and do of anywhere in the park.

If you're thinking about staying at Furnace Creek, use this guide to find out all about it. If you're just passing through, you may still want to stop for a meal, to stretch your legs, get gasoline or visit the Borax Museum.

If your time is extremely limited and you entered Death Valley by the route we describe, your fastest way out is CA Hwy 190 through Death Valley Junction. From there, if you're going to Las Vegas, follow the signs (which are more efficient then many GPS systems), or stay on CA Hwy 127 and you'll return to Shoshone, one of towns you passed on the way into the valley on this photo tour.

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