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Disneyland Ride Guide

Read about Disneyland and California Adventure Rides and learn what they're like

What's New at Disneyland and California Adventure
Guide to new and newly updated rides at Disneyland and Disney's California Adventure includes updates for the past five years

7 Ways to Avoid Standing in Line
A guide to avoiding standing in lines at Disneyland, having more fun and saving money at the same time

Getting and Using a Disneyland FASTPASS
Discover how a Disney FASTPASS works and see a step-by-step guide to getting and using one.

Disneyland Ride List
Use this one-page guide to get an overview of all the rides in one place.

Photo Tour of Disneyland Rides
Use this complete photo guide to see all the rides and attractions and learn what you need to know about each one before you go. Get tips, height restrictions, fun facts.

Disneyland Rides and Attractions
Read this guide to learn about height restrictions, find out which rides are good for kids (and which ones might not be) and to locate a cool place for a hot afternoon.

Disneyland Shows and Entertainment
Use this guide to Disneyland entertainment to find out what the shows and parades are like, how long they last and whether they're right for you

Disneyland's Best Rides
If you want to know what other visitors think are the best Disneyland rides, we've got the answer.

Most Popular Disneyland Rides
A list of Disneyland's most popular rides, with descriptions and reader ratings

Disneyland Rides for Kids
Disneyland rides suitable for smaller children and toddlers - includes height limits and tips

Disneyland Roller Coasters
Disneyland roller coasters are few, but each has a distinctive personality, and none are "standard" by roller coaster aficionado terms; all have been modified and themed to Disney style. They include the world's first tubular-tracked steel roller coaster and over at California Adventure, you'll find one of the longest steel-railed, looping...

Cool Places for a Hot Afternoon at Disneyland
A handful of places in Disneyland where you can sit down, be entertained in a cool place - and stay put for more than a few seconds.

Disneyland Thrill Rides
A short list of the most exciting rides at Disneyland, with user ratings

Disneyland Rides With the Shortest Lines
When you have just a few minutes or someone is just dying to ride something - now - these are good choices

Disneyland Rides at Night
A guide to which Disneyland rides are best enjoyed at night - or are different enough to make it fun to ride them again

California Adventure Ride Sheet
Use the one-page guide to get an overview of the rides at California Adventure.

California Adventure Rides and Attractions
Find the best rides for a hot afternoon, get the kids prepared by knowing which rides have height restrictions and which ones might bore them.

Photo Tour of California Adventure Rides
Get a peek at the rides while you read about them.

California Adventure Shows and Entertainment
Use this guide to California Adventure entertainment to find out what the shows, parades and other entertainment offerings are like, how long they last and whether they're right for you.

California Adventure Rides at Night
Guide to rides at Disney California Adventure that are best at night.

What's Your Favorite Ride at the Disneyland Resort?
Our readers share their favorite Disneyland and California Adventure rides - and why they like them.

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