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Disneyland California Resort
Get oriented, find out what's where and get an overview of all things Disney at the Anaheim, California resort - theme parks, hotels, Downtown Disney.

Reader Ratings and Favorite Things
Is Space Mountain the best thrill ride? What do riders think about Soarin'? Are the Disney hotels worth the price? Discover what other people think about these and other questions.

Disneyland Hours
Guide to Disneyland's hours - estimated hours year round and how to find accurate hours for your visit

Disneyland in a Weekend
If you just want to run away for a quick weekend Disney fix, this guide includes how to make the most of your time, where to stay and eat

Where to Eat
Whether you're feeling peckish or so hungry you could eat all the honey in Winnie the Pooh's pantry, discover the best, cheapest, healthiest restaurants, places to eat and snack foods.

Adventures by Disney: Backstage Magic
Adventures by Disney's Backstage Magic tour is a six-day, five-night ramble behind the scenes at film studios, Disney Imagineering and the two Anaheim theme parks, venturing into places not normally open to the public.

Disneyland Tours
You can walk in Walt's footsteps, discover the magic, go behind the scenes and more on these little-known Disneyland tours.

Celebrating Birthdays at Disneyland California
What could be more fun than celebrating a birthday at Disneyland, California? We'll tell you how.

Meeting the Disney Characters
Kids love 'em. Adults, too. Read about all the ways you can meet and dine with the Disney characters at Disneyland, California Adventure and in the restaurants.

Disneyland Magic Morning
If you stay in a Disney-owned or Good Neighbor hotel, getting in early is a special benefit. Find out about it in this guide to Disneyland's Magic Morning to find out when it happens, how to get in and make the most of it

Visiting Disneyland in a Wheelchair or ECV Scooter
Options if you have mobility issues while visiting Disneyland: wheelchair and ECV scooter rental, ride and attraction tips, hotels and getting around.

Downtown Disney
Downtown Disney in pictures: a two-in-one guide to the shopping, dining and entertainment area at Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, CA

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