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Disneyland at Night

Guide to Enjoying California Adventure and Disneyland at Night


mouse ears disneyland night glow with the show

These Mouse Ears Light up Disneyland at Night

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They're enjoyable places any time of day, but California Adventure and Disneyland at night take on an extra dimension. Lights flicker in the trees. Things are lighted up. The shows are great and on a hot summer day, it finally starts to cool down.

Pictures of Disneyland at Night

A picture (they say) is worth a thousand words, so we have a few pictures of Disneyland at night to go with our words. California Adventure is even prettier after the sun goes down and you can see for yourself in the California Adventure at Night photo essay.

Best Park at Night

California Adventure has more outdoor rides that are especially fun at night, and the bright lights at Paradise Pier and in Cars Land make both of them fun to walk through when the sun is down. Add the World of Color to the equation and it adds up to make it our favorite theme park after dark.

Disneyland is darker in general in the evening, and the twinkling lights in the trees give it a storybook feel. Fireworks and Fantasmic! are the big reasons to be there after dark, though.

Extra Entertainment at Night

  • Disneyland: The parade is fun in the afternoon, but even more magical at night. After-dark shows are Fantasmic! and the fireworks. You'll also find a musical dance party on the Tomorrowland stage.

  • California Adventure: California Adventure has only one night show, but it's so eye-popping that it's enough. World of Color is a half-hour-long water and light show that never fails to make us go "Wow!." If you like music and dancing, they also have a dance party in Hollywood Land.

  • Downtown Disney: Musicians perform along the walkway in Downtown Disney most nights and there are frequent musical concerts at the House of Blues.

Best Rides: They Can Be Different at Night

Many rides are so-called "dark" rides that are inside a building and it doesn't really matter whether you go on them in the day or after dark, but some of the outdoor rides in both parks are a real treat after it gets dark.

  • Disneyland: Use the guide to best Disneyland rides after dark to find out which ones are worth a look. It also tells you which rides close early and gives information about the monorail's evening schedule.

  • California Adventure: We think California Adventure is the best place to be at night. Check the California Adventure night guide to find out about all the rides there that are really fun after dark.

Things to Know About Disneyland at Night

  • If you buy a pair of "Glow With the Show" Mickey Mouse ears, they'll do more than just shine when you turn them on. Wear them to Fantasmic! or World of Color and you'll find they change colors to complement the show.

  • Some rides close early, especially in Disneyland, where they have to keep guests safe from fallout during the fireworks shows.

  • During busy times, Main Street USA and Buena Vista Street shops may stay open after the rest of the park closes. It sounds like a good time to shop, but it's very crowded then and you're likely to be tired. You'll be better off to shop during the day. Just ask the store clerk where can park your packages and then pick them up on the way out.

Disneyland at Night: After the Guests Go Home

Only the staff hangs around after the park closes, but you can get an idea of what goes on in this video.

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