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California Adventure Rides and Attractions


You'll find Disney California Adventure rides by height restriction, rides good for kids and cool places for a hot afternoon below. To get information about all the California Adventure rides including height requirements and FASTPASS information, try our California Adventure Rides Summary Sheet.

The Disneyland FASTPASS can shorten your wait at some of the most popular Disneyland rides, but you can avoid standing in line at any of them by using RideMax. The brainchild of a software engineer with a passion for Disneyland rides, it will create a custom-designed itinerary that keeps your wait to a minimum.

Height Restrictions

Rides for Kids

These rides are good for children of all ages.

These are gentle enough for smaller children, but may be too scary (moments of total darkness, loud noises):

Best Rides at Night

These are the Best Rides at Night because they're either more fun in the dark, or worth a second visit after the sun goes down. Some rides close at night (or early) and they're also listed here.

Cool Places for a Hot Afternoon

Not only are these attractions cool temperature-wise, but they all last at least 15 minutes.


Most California Adventure rides are accessible to the mobility-impaired. However, many require you to transfer into the ride vehicle by yourself or with assistance from your traveling companions.

If you have a hearing impairment, stop at Guest Relations to pick up assistive listening devices.

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