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Disneyland Magic Morning

Making the Most of Early Entry on Magic Mornings


On selected mornings, Disneyland and Disney California Adventure open their gates an hour early, allowing qualifying guests to enjoy a Magic Morning. It's an appealing idea, with the promise of smaller crowds and shorter lines.

Magic Morning early entry gets you inside one parks early each day, but not all areas are open (and not all their rides will be running).

Use These Tips to Get the Most Out of a Magic Morning

  • You are far from alone and lines to get in can be quite long. If you enter through the main gates, get there early. Disney recommends 15 minutes, but we think a half hour would be better.
  • Everyone hurries to the rides as soon as they get in and lines are soon as long as they are during regular hours. To get the maximum magic in your morning, pick one ride that you want to enjoy the most, then spend the rest of it walking around, taking pictures and enjoying the place while it's less crowded.
  • If you want to enjoy the rides, focus on ones don't have FASTPASS options - but you'll need to be there early enough to get inside the gate on time and get in line quickly.
  • If you're staying in a Disney hotel, don't go to the main gate for your early entry. Instead, use the Monorail entrance in Downtown Disney, which is reserved just for hotel guests during Magic Morning hours. The lines are much shorter there than at the main entrance. And if you want to ride Finding Nemo, the Monorail will take you right to its entrance.
  • For California Adventure, hotel guests can use the entrance through the Grand Californian, walking through the lobby and past the Napa Rose Hotel to find it.

How to Get Into Disneyland During Magic Morning

Getting early entry into the park is easy as long as you meet one of the qualifications below - just take your ticket to the regular entrance. If you're staying in a Disney hotel or want to use the Downtown Disney Monorail entrance, you'll need to show your room key, too. As of mid-2013, Magic Mornings are available if you:

  • Stay at the Disneyland Hotel, Paradise Pier or Grand Californian or buy selected Disneyland Vacation or Good Neighbor Packages. Days and rules for hotel guests are on the Disneyland website.
  • Buy a Disneyland ticket that includes Magic Morning admission. If you're more interested in one park than the other and are buying a three-day ticket, you may want to check the Disneyland website for the schedule and adjust the days you visit to meet your needs.

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