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Visiting Disneyland in a Wheelchair or ECV Scooter


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ECV or Wheelchair Rental to Use at Disneyland
electric scooters at disneyland

Electric Scooters at Disneyland

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If you need some help getting around Disneyland, you can bring your own wheelchair or scooter. If your situation is temporary (like my injured knee) or if you didn't bring your own conveyance with you, you can rent one, either at Disneyland or from local area companies.

If your mobility issue is temporary, using a scooter may sound like fun. After trying it, I don't think so. If you're with a companion can push it, we'd recommend using a wheelchair instead. Not only are wheelchairs less expensive to rent, but scooters are harder to drive than you might think. To make matters worse, other visitors don't seem to notice people on scooter as much, forcing you to spend all your time concentrating on not running into anyone. And that cuts down on how much you can enjoy your surroundings.

Renting Wheelchairs and ECV Scooters at Disneyland

A limited number of wheelchairs (manual and motorized) and ECV scooters are available at Disneyland, but you can't reserve them in advance. To avoid any issues, it's best to arrive about 30 minutes before opening time, especially if it's a busy day.

On the plus side, the rental location is convenient, just outside the entrance. It's a good option if you can get around enough to get to the entry gate and if you don't want to handle taking it back to your hotel every evening or worry about charging the battery or other issues.

Disney's ECVs (like the gray one on the left above) are bigger than some you can rent and they can't go into Downtown Disney - only into the parks and the plaza area between them.

See the Current Disney rates and policies for rentals. They also ask for a refundable deposit. You'll need a photo ID and to rent an ECV scooter, you must be at least 18 years old.

On the surface, Disney's rates look higher than other companies in the area, but by the time you add insurance and other fees - or if you need a model that carries more weight - the price differences may be minimal.

Renting Wheelchairs and ECV Scooters from Disneyland Area Companies

If you need your vehicle all (or most) of the time, a rental from an outside company may be your best option. You can take them anywhere and use them any time of day you need to.

A few things to consider and ask about when renting from an outside company:

  • What is the weight limit for the model you're talking about?
  • Some of the smaller, transportable scooters have a battery that comes out so you only have to carry just it into your hotel room for charging. We also like the smaller size of these models, which are easier to maneuver in the park.
  • Will they deliver to your hotel and pick it up from there when you're done?
  • Do they have employees on call any time the parks are open? Do they have passes so they can come inside and help you, or will you have to bring it out if there's an issue?
  • What if it's stolen? Do you have to pay extra to get insurance for that? If their insurance doesn't cover it, try your homeowner's policy to see if it does.
A number of companies offer ECV scooter and wheelchair rentals near Disneyland. These are the ones we've seen praised most often in online reviews:
  • Deckert is often mentioned by people who post reviews online. They don't seem to have a website, but their phone number is 714-542-5607.
  • Scooter Village is across the street from Disneyland (but not directly across from the entrance). They don't list rental prices on their website and their online form doesn't allow inputting enough info to request a specific model, so we'd recommend calling them at 714-956-5633.
  • I used One Stop Mobility which has a pick-up location at the Camelot Inn across from the Disneyland entrance. Their "D" scooter model is the red one shown above. Be sure to mention the price you see on the website, which is a discount from their list rates. They pick and deliver and were very nice about staying open a little late when I got delayed on my way there.
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