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Getting to Disneyland and California Adventure


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Disneyland Address and Ways to Get to the Disneyland Resort

Disneyland Resort Entrance

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Disneyland Resort is located in Anaheim, California. Anaheim is in Orange County, part of the greater Los Angeles metropolitan area.

Where is Disneyland located? The official Disneyland Address is 1313 S. Harbor Boulevard, Anaheim, CA. Some say the double 13's in the Disneyland address stand for M. M., Mickey Mouse's initials (M is the 13th letter in the alphabet).

The best we can tell, there's no sign or any other marker at the official Disneyland address. We hope the mailman knows where to find them.

Ways to Get to the Disneyland Resort

Having the Disneyland address by itself isn't a big help unless you know how to use it. No matter how you want to go, we've got the information for you:

Once you get to Anaheim, you still need to get to the park. Read about how to get around.

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