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Getting to Disneyland and California Adventure


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Driving to Disneyland
Getting to Disneyland and California Adventure

Options for Getting to Disneyland by Car

Disneyland Resort is located just off I-5 in Anaheim. Exit at either the Harbor Blvd. or Disneyland exit. I-5 is the freeway closest to the Disneyland entrance, but you can also get there on CA Hwy 22, exiting at Harbor Boulevard going north, from CA Hwy 91, exiting onto Harbor Blvd south or from CA Hwy 55 or 57, exiting at Katella Avenue going west.

If you have a GPS system, enter the Disneyland address: 1313 S. Harbor Boulevard, Anaheim, CA. It will take you to the front gate, and you can follow signs from there to the parking areas.

If you're traveling across Los Angeles to get there, you'll have a ton of options for routes. Check traffic reports on the radio or using your smart phone before you set out to figure out which route is least congested.

Once you get to Disneyland, parking is very efficient. Just follow signs and friendly people directing you and you can't go wrong. If anyone in your party has mobility problems, just tell the parking attendant as you go in. They have special parking places and vans to take you to the entrance.

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