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Getting and Using a Disney Fast Pass (FASTPASS)


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What Is a Disney FASTPASS and Why Should You Use It?
Getting and Using a Disney Fast Pass (FASTPASS)

A Disney FASTPASS would keep these people out of line

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This picture shows people in line to ride Pirates of the Caribbean. They're not even half way there and they already look bored and tired, don't they?

Disney's solution for those long lines is called a Disney FASTPASS. For the popular rides that offer it, a FASTPASS can cut your time in line from more than an hour to just a few minutes.

How a Disney FASTPASS Works

Some Southern California theme parks charge extra for passes like the FASTPASS, but Disney does not. Use of the FASTPASS comes free with your entry ticket.

The Disney FASTPASS stands in line for you electronically. Instead of waiting for 90 minutes or more in a long queue, you pick up a FASTPASS that holds your place, so to speak, issuing a ticket that lets you go right in through a separate line later in the day.

The Disney FASTPASS is a FREE service that comes with your ticket price, so there's no reason not to use it. Follow the next steps to see how a Disney FASTPASS works, find out where to get a Disney FASTPASS and learn how to use it.

Find out how well a FASTPASS works.

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