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Getting and Using a Disney Fast Pass (FASTPASS)


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How Much Time Can a Disney FASTPASS Save? Does it Really Work?
Getting and Using a Disney Fast Pass (FASTPASS)

Stand in Line for Nearly an Hour or Come Back at 6:00

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When you arrive at a FASTPASS attraction, you'll find a board similar to the one in the picture. It shows the current "standby" wait time.

In the poll at the end of this guide, 31% of respondents say FASTPASSES save time, but 38% think it's too much trouble. We have to wonder if those are some of the same folks who say they've never used a FASTPASS.

Here's an example, from a busy summer afternoon. Using the wait time board above, you can see that you'd have to wait in line nearly an hour to ride Indiana Jones Adventure. We've seen waits up to two hours at this ride on even busier days. Do you want to wait that long? Go right ahead!

If you'd rather be somewhere else instead, check the FASTPASS return time, which is also posted at the ride entrance. If that time fits your schedule, get your passes. For this example, if you picked up a FASTPASS, you would return promptly between 6:00 and 7:00, go to the FASTPASS return entrance and go right in.

In the meanwhile, you could have ridden several other rides, watched the parade, taken a rest or let the kids play at Goofy's Bounce House instead of standing in the line.


While the system is designed to help at the rides with the longest lines, a few popular ones don't offer it (such as Finding Nemo). Use our Disneyland ride list or California Adventure ride list to find out which ones offer FASTPASSES.

Find out where and when to get a FASTPASS.

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