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When to Go to Disneyland


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Disneyland in Spring: March, April, May
When to Go to Disneyland

Balloons at Disneyland

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Spring is our readers' second-favorite time to go to Disneyland and a little more than one-fourth think it's best, but sometimes the kids' schedules override preferences and nearly 1/3 say they'll visit in spring, the majority of them going during spring break.

In May, an unofficial event called Bats Day or Goth Day draws a lot of visitors. Find out more at their website. California schools hold their spring breaks at different times, but it lasts generally from mid-March through Mid-April.

Reasons to Visit Disneyland in Spring

  • New attractions usually open at the end of May or in early June and they sometimes do periodic, unannounced "soft" openings before that.
  • Weather is moderate and it's less likely to rain.
  • The time before and after spring break is not busy.

Reasons to Avoid Disneyland in Spring

  • When the kids are out of school for spring break, the park will be packed every day of the week.
  • According to Mousesavers.com, Disneyland sometimes raises Character Meal prices during busy times, charging almost 25% more during Easter and Spring Break.
  • The three-day Memorial Day weekend is also busy (weekend before the last Monday of May).

Disneyland in Spring: Month by Month

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