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Edwardian Ball in California


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Edwardian Ball in San Francisco
two people in costumes at the San Francisco Edwardian Ball

Guests at The Edwardian Ball, San Francisco

Courtesy of The Edwardian Ball and Edward Sanchez

In San Francisco, the Edwardian Ball is a two-day event, held on a Friday and Saturday in mid January. The Friday event is called the Edwardian World’s Faire, is less formal and includes a vendor marketplace.

The current year's dates can be found at their website.

The Edwardian Ball San Francisco Venue

The Edwardian Ball in San Francisco is held at the Regency Ballroom on Van Ness. Built in the Edwardian Era, in 1909 and done in beaux-arts style with 35-foot-tall ceilings and 22 chandeliers, it's an elegant backdrop for a fun party.

Crowd Factor at the Edwardian Ball in San Francisco

In San Francisco, it's not unusual for a long line to form outside the door, especially before the party gets started. Veteran attendees say you should arrive about hour before you actually want to get in.

Parking is also somewhat difficult near the venue and if you plan to stay very late, be sure the lot you choose will still be open when you're done.

What's Special at the San Francisco Edwardian Ball

Because it's the original, the San Francisco Ball is better-attended and long-time attendees have had more time to perfect their costumes and because it spreads over two days, there's more time to enjoy it.

Other Events

If you enjoy The Edwardian Ball, you may also like the Dickens Fair which is held from late November through December.

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