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Ghost Town California

Ghost town guide to California. Visit the abandoned towns of California's past.

Top Ghost Town Guides
These ghost town guides will help you explore the ghost towns of California and the Southwest.

Bodie Ghost Town Photo Gallery
A viritual visit to Bodie, a ghost town in arrested decay.

Ballarat Ghost Town
A ghost town just outside Death Valley.

Cerro Gordo Ghost Town
1870s silver mining town. A number of buildings are still standing.

Calico Ghost Town
Silver and borax mining town west of Los Angeles.

Chloride City
In Death Valley.

Chrysopolis Ghost Town
Abandoned in 1960. A few remains.

A Chinese ghost town in the Sacramento River delta.

Montgomery City
A short-lived town near Bodie.

Rhyolite Ghost Town Pictures
Pictures of a well-preserved ghost town on the California/Nevada border

One of several ghost towns near Death Valley.

Site of Lead and Copper Mines.

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