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Haunted Houses and Haunted Places in California

We've compiled a list of haunted houses and haunted places in California for you. These are the "real" thing, the best we can tell, with a history and some documented sightings. If you're looking for just-for-fun haunted houses, the kind of places that people like to go on Halloween, you'll have to try somewhere else.

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They're real. I've seen a ghost myself
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There's no such thing

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  1. Haunted Hollywood

Ghost Tours and Haunted Places: Our Top Picks
The West is full of ghosts and haunted houses, and these are a few of my favorite tours of haunted places. Some seem more like theatre, some are like swapping ghost stories on a stormy night and a few are just downright creepy places.

California Cemetery Tours
Cemeteries hold the remains of some fascinating characters and chronicle the history of their area. These places offer guided tours, some year-round and others only in October. Other cemeteries may offer a self-guided tour brochure, if you're interested.

Moss Beach Distillery
On the California coast, a woman in blue is still searching for her lover.

Queen Mary
She was called the Grey Ghost during her years as a World War II transport ship, but even now, with her service long over, the Queen Mary is still associated with ghosts and one of California's creepiest haunted places: over a dozen apparitions have been reported aboard the ship.

California Haunted Hotel List
Why settle for haunted houses when you can get a whole hotel?

California Haunted Houses and Haunted Places Guide
From Shadowlands. An extensive list of haunted houses in California. They also list haunted houses in other locations.

Point Sur Lighthouse
This beautifully-situated lighthouse has so many haunts that it's said to be one of the 10 most-haunted light stations in the country. They offer special ghost tours every October.

Columbia City Hotel
A gold rush hotel with a few other-worldly guests.

Hotel del Coronado
Kate Morgan reportedly killed herself in room 3312 and her ghost won't go home.

San Juan Capistrano's Haunted Places
The city's historic district is full of haunted houses and other haunted places.

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