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Los Angeles Beach Towns

These towns are located on the west side of the Los Angeles Metro area, along the Santa Monica Bay.

Hermosa Beach
The South Bay's funky little beach town has a nice pier and nearby shops and restaurants. And you might be surprised what famous comedian performs here regularly. This guide tells all.

Malibu Coast Drive
Spend a few hours or a whole day exploring Malibu's Coast Highway and its backroads, from Santa Monica to Ventura.

Manhattan Beach
Manhattan Beach is the South Bay's most upscale town, with a nice pier, nearby shopping and dining. This guide tells you how to get there, what to see and when to go.

Marina Del Rey
Surrounding the largest small-boat harbor on the west coast, with nice waterfront restaurants and lots of opportunities for water recreation.

Santa Monica
The largest of the LA beach cities, Santa Monica has a nice beachfront, Oceanside amusement park and a lively arts scene.

Venice Beach
Home of Muscle Beach, the graffiti walls and host of unusual people and sights, Venice Beach may be Los Angeles' most unusual beach scene. This guide tells you how to get there, how to find a parking place, what to see - and what you shouldn't (but might) miss.

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