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Things to Do in Hollywood

Hollywood sightseeing, museums, nightclubs, taping, tours. Guide to Hollywood Boulevard.
  1. Hollywood Events (5)
  2. Haunted Hollywood (6)
  3. Shopping in Hollywood (6)
  4. Sightseeing on Hollywood Blvd (9)
  5. Hollywood Attractions (16)
  6. Hollywood Tours (18)

Things to Do in Hollywood: Top Dozen Sights
Sight-by-sight guide to the best and most popular things to do in Hollywood.

Things to Do for Free in Hollywood
Discover the things you can do in Hollywood that don't require admission fees - includes how to hear the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra for free.

Things to do in Hollywood at Night
There's more to do in Hollywood at night than just go to a nightclub. We've got them all covered for you.

Movie Star Home Tours
Learn the truth about taking a tour of movie star homes in Hollywood, what you will see and what you won't

Studio Audience Tickets in Los Angeles
Find out all the shows you can watch being filmed, how to be in the studio audience - even how to be an extra!

Studio Tours in Hollywood California
You don't have to go to the big theme park to tour a studio. A few Hollywood studios offer public tours. Use this guide to plan your visit.

Read a review of the Cirque du Soleil show IRIS at the Dolby Theatre in...
A permanent show at the Dolby Theatre, celebrating the history of cinema in showy style.

Marilyn Monroe in Southern California
Find the spots where Marilyn grew up and went to school, the only house she ever owned - and the fascinating tale of her final resting place.

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