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Things to Do in Hollywood: Top Dozen Sights


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#12. Take a Studio Tour
Things to Do in Hollywood: Top Dozen Sights

Warner Bros Studio Tour

Courtesy of Warner Bros Studios

These pages are a place-by-place list of the most fun and popular things to do in Hollywood, interesting activities and best sights, from Hollywood Boulevard to the Sunset Strip. Where did this list come from? It's a compilation of the most popular things to do and some of the author's top picks, but readers of this website voted for the things they like best, so the order is theirs.

Touring the Movie Studios

The backlot tour at Universal Studios is fun for what it is, if you want to go behind the scenes at a real, working movie studio, try a different studio. At several of the working studios in and around Hollywood, you can reserve a guided tour that will take you onto the back lot, behind the scenes and often onto sound stages and sets. This is the way to see how the real Hollywood works, at least a little.

Pros and Cons

Going behind the scenes is fun, but these are working studios that (for the most part) aren't open on weekends - and the real work always takes precedence over the tour, so some sets may be off-limits when you visit. Don't expect to see a celebrity on your tour (although some do) and for some of them, be prepared for a lot of walking.

More About Hollywood Studio Tours

If you're convinced you want to go, check out the Go Los Angeles Card, which includes some studio tour admissions.

If you need more information, check the Complete Guide to Studio Tours. It will give a summary of each one, what to expect, when to go and how to get reservations.

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