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Things to Do in Hollywood: Top Dozen Sights


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#3. Stroll Down the Hollywood Walk of Fame
Things to Do in Hollywood: Top Dozen Sights

Hollywood Walk of Fame

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The Hollywood Walk of Fame is the section of Hollywood Boulevard decked out with embedded stars that honor those who have made a name for themselves in radio, television and movies.

This is a can't-miss attraction if you go to Hollywood - you can't avoid it if you go there and walk down the sidewalk because it's right under your feet.

Pros and Cons

The appeal is almost irresistible, and it's a staunchly, anti-celebrity individual who can make it through a couple of blocks without pointing out a few recognized names. On the downside, it's hard to find favorite stars among so many strung out over so much area and some folks are disappointed, expecting something grander than a bunch of stars embedded in a sometimes-dirty sidewalk.

More About the Hollywood Walk of Fame

If you need more information, check the Complete Guide to the Walk of Fame. It will tell you how to find your favorite celeb's star in advance, when to go and what to expect. Take a photo tour of the Walk of Fame to see what it's like.

See where it is on a map. It's the dark pink-colored balloon.

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