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Lake Tahoe

A Lake Tahoe getaway is a favorite activity of many Californians as well as visitors from other places. Depending on when you go, your Lake Tahoe visit can include a day of skiing or a sunny-day hike followed by watching a Shakespeare play. To plan your Lake Tahoe trip, start by finding a place to stay at Lake Tahoe - they can fill up fast in this popular vacation spot.
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  2. Pictures of Lake Tahoe (3)
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  4. Where to Stay (7)
  5. Things to Do at Lake Tahoe (19)

Lake Tahoe Vacation Planner
Lake Tahoe vacation basics, things you need to know, things to do in advance and what to bring

Getting Around Lake Tahoe
All the ways to get around Lake Tahoe once you get there: by car, bus, trolley or bike.

Getting to Lake Tahoe
Read this comprehensive guide to learn about how to get to Lake Tahoe by car, bus, airplane or train.

Lake Tahoe Photo Driving Tour
Photo tour around Lake Tahoe - things to see, places to stop, side trips

Best Lake Tahoe Ski Resorts
Read this guide to find the best Lake Tahoe ski resort for a family skiing trip, the hottest places for snowboarders, the most challenging ski runs and the prettiest place to ski at Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe Weather and Climate
Use this handy page to find out what the weather's like at Lake Tahoe, month by month, and check it before you go for the latest forecast, too.

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